Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hide and Seek, I play along while rushing cross the forest. (day 34)

Tonight I decided I'd share the BEAR! lol. I took this in August and it was a very H-O-T day in East Tennessee. All day I kept saying, "I want to see a bear." and  "I need to get a good picture of a bear." Well ladies and gentlemen, this bear showed off for me!!! I got two really good shots of him the rest are only ok. You have to understand though he was about 50 feet above me in the top of that tree. The second shot is the best. So without further adieu meet Mr. Black. Blog title from Tarzan boy by Baltimora.


  1. Don't let the bear bite.

  2. thats amazing! The only wildlife I ever get pics of live in a zoo! lmao