Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Another sun soaked season fades away (day 26)

Beautiful Solomon's Island Bridge. Just dreaming of warmer weather. Although I LOVE love LOVE snow!!  Blog title from: Stolen by Dashboard confessional. 


  1. Very cool concept.

  2. Hey fellow party go-er! I love the concept of your blog. Wish I had thought of something similar. I don't take amazing photos though i would really like to. I should invest in a decent camera to make me get serious about it! I love music as well though and this blog is pure bliss for me! Yay for finding you.

  3. ugh I am so envious of your ability to take such amazing pics! Gorgeous as always!

  4. Thanks for the wonderful comments!
    @ZP thanks! I had to link two of my favorite things together somehow.

    @Shelby- Thank you! You can steal my idea ;) I don't mind one bit to share.

    @Kerrie- Thank you love! I,m sure you take some pretty awesome pics yourself.