Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I believe in the Kingdom Come... (day 25)

I was torn as to what the title should be for this blog. As you have realized by now I use song lyrics as the titles, and for this one there were two that worked well. The one I chose works because when you see something as amazing, and terrifying, as that water you know there is a much higher power than could ever be explained. But also, the line "I was cold as a stone" works because I froze my tukus off  when getting that photo. It was bloody cold! lol. Anyway, go listen to a great song I still haven't found what I'm looking for by U2 and enjoy all the beauty God has given to us.


  1. Wow thats amazing. Where was this pic taken?

  2. When we went to NY for Thanksgiving Jon and I went around in the area taking pictures. This one was from a little park over looking the Black River in Watertown. Jon used to go there as a kid and play. This river really does look like the water is black and it is very powerful. It's used to run the power plant in the area. Jon has been white water rafting on this river. I have a lot of shots from that day I will be using.